My Youtube PLAYLIST!!! xD

2010-07-28 18:53:02 by PerfectArts

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Hey Guys, Im Vinícius de Souza From Perfect Arts. A Really Good Website From Brazil And My CriminalCo Friend Is My New Partner.
Checkout My Youtube Channel And And Have A Great Time Watching My Videos! Please Subscribe, Rate And Comment!

My Youtube PLAYLIST!!! xD

News on Download Spot!

2010-07-17 11:27:46 by PerfectArts

Click and make download of my flash movies!

Yashiro vs Upahka

Logo Perfect Arts #1

Logo Perfect Arts #2

Logo Perfect Arts (Alternative)

Zenkye - Space Adventure 2

Dragon Stick Z 3

Angry and Hate

I Hope you like it!

News on Download Spot!

I'm with a Voice Actor supporting me now!

2010-07-15 13:28:23 by PerfectArts

Hi! My friend CriminalCo is now with me! He help me on my animations =D He's very professional and have a nice voice!
Tnx man!
Soon a new animation with here! ok?!
Bye for now!

My MSN for contact!

I'm with a Voice Actor supporting me now!

Perfect Art's web site!
People, i wanna see you having a good time, in my personal site. Ok?
Have fun!

My Personal Web Site! Visit and Have the Best Time Ever! xD